Cheap Cancun All-Inclusive Packages

For those that need a break but do not want to deal with the hassle of worrying about how to budget for the trip should consider a package holiday to Cancun, Mexico. Before booking though, make sure that you read the fine print and get a good idea of what is included in your all-inclusive package.

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Lowcostholidays has an offer starting for £33 per person per night at NYC Hotel Cancun. This is a modern hotel located in the city centre only a 5 minute stroll to the Plaza Isla Shopping Centre and a nifty 17km drive from the airport. The hotel has 2 pools to choose from if you don’t feel like going to the nearby beach and is equipped with modern but basic rooms to relax in later in the day. You will need to pay for branded alcohol, Wifi in your room and room service but all other aspects are included in the package including your meals which is basic but decent.

Krystal Cancun has an offer of £35 per person per night in their all-inclusive package. While the service is not that great and the food is nothing to write home about, there is free wifi everywhere in the hotel and there is a public beach right on your door step. This hotel is also within walking distance from the Isla Mujeres ferry making it easy to venture out for the day and explore.

Bellevue Beach Paradise has rooms starting at £41 per person per night for their all-inclusive packages. Upon first arriving at the hotel, it may not look that spectacular as it is an older hotel. The decor could do with a bit of renovation but the staff and location more than make up for that. The hotel is in a prime location on a stretch with a beach and bus nearby making it easy to access the main shopping centre and to head into Cancun.

For families, All Ritmo Cancun Resort and Waterpark at £50 per person is the ideal place for any family that are looking for a fun getaway for the whole gang. While the children can explore the water slides and tubes, parents can use this opportunity to relax and sunbath. There are also areas for playing basketball, tennis, mini golf and there is even a game room on site. You are also away from all the other hotels and still only a one minute walk away from the beach. If you do decide to stay here, you may want to book rooms on the first or second floor as there are no elevators so you could otherwise end up with a large hike back to your room.

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