A look at Cheap Campsites in Devon

There are a huge amount of cheap campsites in Devon, making it one of the most popular caravanning destinations in Britain. When the sun comes out Devon is a stunning location and will make for a great holiday whichever camp-site you end up in.

Whenever you are looking for a campsite in the UK www.lovecamping.co.uk is a site you must visit. It houses a comprehensive list of all the major campsites in the UK complete with reviews and pictures.

Venton Farm is one of the highest rated camp-sites in Britain and with prices starting at £4 per tent or £10 per caravan it won't break the bank either. The owners John and Fi also keep free-range chickens and will gladly sell you some fresh laid eggs for your breakfast.

Woodland Springs in Exeter offers space for up to 77 pitches and is open year round. A stay at Woodland Springs will set you back £18 a day but there are extras if you need them. For a full list of prices check out www.woodlandsprings.co.uk.

North Devon farm park has to be one of the more interesting campsites in the area. Located on a farm you can be sure the kids will be entertained by the animals. The site is open only during the Summer and a pitch will set you back £15 per night. You will also be given access to the Farm for half price.You can check out the details at www.devonfarmpark.co.uk.

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