Cheap Bulgaria Holidays in Sofia 2011

Sofia is the stunning capital of Bulgaria and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Surrounded by the majestic Balkan Mountains to the North and the majestic Vitosha Mountains to the South, Sofia stands proudly on an open plain in Western Bulgaria. The city of Sofia boasts charming side streets, a timeless commercial quarter and wonderful balconied buildings reminiscent of Venice.  Sofia also boasts an exquisite collection of ancient and neo-Byzantine Orthodox churches as well as one functioning mosque acting as the only reminder of 500 years of Ottoman domination.

Sofia is also home to a wide range of fantastic bars, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Cheap Bulgaria holidays in 2011 are the perfect way to spend your summer, so if you are planning a trip to the stunning and historic capital city of Sofia and want to save some money then why not stay in one of these great budget hotels:

Sofia Plaza

Sofia Plaza is a fantastic and very affordable four star hotel that is located within 2 kilometres of Sofia city centre. This hotel is also in close proximity to many famous landmarks and attractions including Sofia Court of Justice, the Bulgarian Government and Galerija Otecestvo. This hotel also boasts 24 hour check in, a bar, restaurant and satellite television in all guest rooms.

Maxim Hotel

This three star hotel is located a mere half-kilometre from Sofia city centre and boasts close proximity to a range of fantastic of landmarks including the Central Bath House and National Assembly Building. This hotel also boasts great service, 24 hour check in, excellent food facilities and satellite TV in all guest rooms. So if you are planning cheap holidays to Sofia Bulgaria in 2011 then check out all of the great deals that are available on hotels now!

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