Dump the Buget Airlines: Make the most of cheap breaks to London by train!

I know what you're thinking: Here on the island of Ireland, doesn't the word “island” imply, well, that there's an impenetrable moat of water surrounding you. You might think that getting a cheap breaks to London by train might be limited somewhat by this tiny geographical inconvenience! Budget airlines might be uncomfortable and awkward and have plethora of silly rules for your luggage, but at least they can land you somewhere close to London, while the best weekend breaks by train can land you in the bog-snorkelling museum in Turmonfeckin. (No insult meant to the proud people of Turmonfeckin!). This might once have been true, but no more, now thank to the good people at Sailrail.

Sailrail (www.irishferries.com/ie/sailrail.asp) is exactly what it sounds like: trains and ferries teamed up like a modern crime fighting duo to give you the benefits of both and the weaknesses of neither. You can get from a large selection of train stations in Ireland to connecting train station in the UK and visa-versa, making this service perfect for finally getting one of those cheap breaks to London by train. The tickets are priced to compete with budget airline prices too: Dublin-London is available for 40 Euro each way and an exceptional 36 Euro each way for a weekend break by train to Manchester.

The advantages that this service has over the budget airlines are manifold, and include the availability of open-return tickets that allows you to extend your trip without hassle or worry, a reasonable luggage allowance, a trip free of being groped in the name of security, and best of all, the peace of mind of knowing that if Iceland explodes again (as it tends to do on a regular basis) you'll still get home on time! There's nothing on earth quite like genuine volcano-proof travel! Check the Sailrail site for more details.

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