Your best options for finding cheap breaks

Looking to put your worries and cares behind you for a while and head off on a relaxing holiday? Even if you are on a budget, there is plenty of scope to get away on a fantastic holiday these days. Let us show you the best places online where you can find cheap breaks that won't set you back a fortune and don't skimp on quality!

The internet is awash with UK based companies offering phenomenal deals on breaks abroad, and we have hand picked a few of these that we feel offer the best in value and choice. The first of these is the UK's largest independent holiday provider, and they are www.co-operativetravel.co.uk/. Co-Op specialise in last minute package deals, and they offer a huge range of resorts and destinations for you to choose from. They also have a hugely impressive last minute section that is well worth a look.

Another site that offers a brilliant mix of both value and choice is Cheap Holiday Deals at www.cheapholidaydeals.co.uk/. This website prides itself in offering affordable last minute deals, and their budget package holiday section is the perfect place to find yourself a holiday bargain. They also offer an outstanding hotel only deals section that is worth keeping an eye on if you have already bagged a cheap flight for yourself.

Finally, a gander at what Thomson are offering on their hugely comprehensive holiday site at www.thomson.co.uk/ is always worth a look. Thomson are the UK's largest holiday provider, and their bargains have to be seen to be believed.

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