Cheap beach hotels in Portugal: All inclusive deals

There are few things better than getting away from your daily routine and taking off on a relaxing beach holiday. To make things even better though, why not choose a place near a beach that offers all-inclusive deals leaving you worry free during your sun holiday. Here are some of the best cheap beach hotels that can be found in Portugal that are all-inclusive and hassle free.

    Francisco Santos - Wikimedia

Terrace Club Hotel is located in a small quaint coastal fishing village called Porches. This place offers large spacious rooms with a beach just a stones throw away. At only £236 per person for the week, you can hardly go wrong. If the beach isn’t your scene and you would rather hang out by the pool, don’t worry as this hotel has a great pool with a bar positioned right next to it to quench your thirst when you get done swimming.

Auramar Beach Resort in Albufeira is another option that starts at £277 per person for a weeks long vacation. The decor of this place needs a bit of attention, but the friendly staff and cleanliness of the rooms make you quickly forget. The beach is only a 5 minutes walk away, but if you feel like exploring the Old Town, you can jump on the courtesy bus service that the hotel offers at any time.

Dom Jose Beach Hotel offers a panoramic view of the beach. If you want to pay a few extra quid, ask for a seaview room which offer stunning views of the coast. All inclusive packages here start at around £298 per person, which is a bit pricier than the others but it also has a bit more to offer. The beach nearby has a promenade where you can stretch your legs and watch the sunset slowly creep below the horizon. The food quality is also top notch and the customer service is impressive as well.

All-inclusive packages include flights, a room, all your meals, beverages, ice cream and snacks meaning if you find a great priced package then you will get more bang for your buck. Deals are always changing price wise so just keep an eye on Cheapholidays and Thomas Cook to see the all-inclusive package deals that come around. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy a bit of luxury. Good luck in your search and enjoy your holidays!

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