A Guide to Cheap Beach Holidays in July

The first thing that holidaymakers will need to do is choose a destination for their cheap beach holidays in July. It is important to research potential destinations and learn about the weather patterns in that country. For example beach holidays in Australia and New Zealand are not a good idea as this is their winter time. Also many countries who have sun all year round are prone to having tropical storms, cyclones and excessive amounts of rain at this time of the year. For the month of July, holidaymakers are better off choosing locations such as Europe, America and the Caribbean for their cheap beach holidays in July. For more information on suitable destinations readers can go to the website 101holidays.co.uk.

Next holidaymakers will need to book their flights and accommodation. It is recommended that the website Skyscanner.net is used for this as this website scans the internet for the cheapest flights. Some locations will be cheaper than others. For example a return trip from Heathrow airport in London to Jamaica will cost at least £2,000 whereas a trip from London to Greece will cost at least £200. Those who want to cut costs on accommodation can hire a private room at a hostel. This will generally set the holiday maker back approximately £80 a night in Europe, which is half the cost of staying at a fancy hotel. Those who are on an extremely tight budget can stay in a shared room. After flights and accommodation are booked all holidaymakers will need to do is save some spending money.

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