Cheap beach holidays in the month of April

For cheap beach holidays in April the best places are southern Spain, The Canaries, Cyprus and Portugal are the best place to go if you want to head to the beach and catch some of the good weather. Temperatures in April are slightly cooler than the main summer months and it is not as crowded. If you are looking for very hot weather in April you would have to travel as far and the Caribbean, Africa and Egypt, although theses places would be a lot more expensive.

The Canaries is a very popular place to go for adventure holiday makers and families. The islands are just off the coast of Africa. Many of the island are quiet and child friendly but as do all holiday resorts you will find your pub and club in the evenings. Puerto Rico in Gran Canaries is a very beautiful spot to visit. It is renowned to be the sunniest spot in the Canaries. Puerto Rico has something for everyone, quiet sunny corners for seekers of tranquillity and peace or a lively venue for a family holiday.

Flights to Puerto Rico start from just €87 with Ryanair.


Accommodation can be very cheap in Puerto Rico. They start from just €170 for a 1 bedroom apartment that fits two.


If you are looking for a more lively and adventurous holiday then the south of Spain is probably best for you. Barcelona has the best nightlife all year round but can get very crowded with regular tourists. Ibiza has also been very popular for year and it still is. Ibiza is well known for it's club parties. Some of the clubs stay open 24 hours for those hardcore partiers!


These are definitely the best offers on cheap beach holidays in April!

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