Find cheap bank holiday breaks!

Going on a break over a bank holiday is great to get a long weekend away. The extra day can make a short break a lot better, and it means that you can fit in more or travel further.

If you are looking for some cheap bank holiday breaks, here are a few ideas of places to visit.

Florence Italy is a nice place to see. You could spend the whole weekend just looking around and taking in the beauty of the place. It has some of Italy’s best Museums and some of the nicest churches and cathedrals in Europe. It has stunning  gardens and places to go for a walk. Return flights over a weekend will be around £129 with City Jet or Air France. You would find hotels in Florence for about £90 to £100 (price for two adults, for a three night stay).

Return tickets to Reykjavik will cost around £215 and is worth every penny. There is a lot to do in Reykjavik to keep you entertained for a long weekend. A bit out of the city - but worth the trip - is the blue lagoon. It is a favourite for people travelling to Iceland. Reykjavik offers a lot of interesting museums. Make sure while you are there that you do a whale watching tour! Although the flights are a bit pricey for a cheap trip away, hotels are very reasonable. For two sharing for 3 nights you would easily find hotels for £70 to £80.

Enjoy your cheap bank holiday breaks!

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