Cheap and cheerful European holidays

You can find many cheap and cheerful holidays to parts of Europe. Prague in the Czech Republic and Budapest in Hungary are two of many. These places are great counties to visit with so much to offer everyone who go there. There is so much history and culture here as well as great food, shops and nightlife.

Prague is very famous tourist place for all Europeans. There is so much to see and do throughout the day. Attractions such as Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square is a must see. Along with Prague Castle, the zoo, Museum of Communism. Take a 2-hour coach tour of Prague for just €19 bringing you to the most beautiful attractions and historic sites. www.sightseeing-prague.com

Flights to Prague airport can cost from just €127 on www.aerlingus.ie Accommodation in Prague can cost from €23 per night staying at Top Hotel Prague Garni which is situated just 7 kilometres from the city centre. This is a 2-star hotel which offers basic accommodation. Breakfast is also included in this price at www.top-hotel-prague-garni.com

Cheap and cheerful holidays to Budapest would be an amazing experience. Budapest is full of fun and adventure. There is so much to do from sightseeing to going to all the best bars and casinos and much more. Shop in the city centre, take a stroll by the lakes or take a boat trip on the Danube. There is many monuments, museums and cathedrals in Budapest, all covered in history. Budapest is divided in two, Buda and Pest. The chain Bridge divides these. The bridge has two lion statues on either side. This is such a sturdy and elegant structure. Flying into Budapest airport can cost from €150 at www.aerlingus.ie

Staying in Budapest can cost from just €20 per night staying at the Dominic Panzia Hotel. This guesthouse is quietly situated and located close to the city centre. Also close tot eh guesthouse are many bars and restaurants. Book now and save up to 70% on www.dominikpanzio.eurobookings.com



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