A cheap all inclusive Turkey holiday

In recent years many of us living in the west of Europe have taking to travelling on our holidays to more easterly countries and none more so than Turkey. It has become a hotspot for a huge amount of holiday makers and due to it's great climate people are travelling to the country all year-round. Many of us have even taken the step to buying a holiday home in Turkey as it has better prices than the more common Spanish holiday homes. Turkey is full to the brim with culture and if you decide on there as your holiday destination be sure to peel yourself away from the beach and immerse yourself in it. A cheap all inclusive turkey holiday is what we will be showing you just to make sure you come home with a little bit of change in your pocket.

The Batihan Hotel in Kusadasi is a four-star hotel and the perfect way to start your Turkish adventure. Six kilometres from the centre of town the resort has its own swimming pool and is surrounded by its own secluded beach where water sports and beach activities are available. All food and drink are supplied from 10 am to 11pm and for seven blissful days you can stay here for just £324 per person with direct-holidays.co.uk.

This resort is suitable for families and couples alike and if you are sports minded there is plenty to keep you entertained with as the hotel has tennis courts, basketball and mini-football and if that's not for you why not relax in the massage parlour - it's up to you.

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