Cheap all inclusive holidays to Fira Santorini this year

Santorini is one of the many Greek islands and it is considered by some to be the nicest. Fira is the capital of Santorini and today we will be showing you the best cheap all inclusive holidays to Fira in Santorini. Fira is a unique sparkling white town which winds along the rim of a crater at the top of spectacular cliffs 900 feet above a tiny port. There are no cars in the town and Fira is so steep it can only be reached by foot. You will spend your holiday here walking around the winding streets in awe of the maze of staircases.

Fira is the most perfect setting for a romantic holiday where you can dine at the many restaurants which range from local fish tavernas to standard European fare. The nightlife is exciting in Fira and there are many restaurants, bars and clubs to enjoy. One thing every visitor to Fira must experience is the fabulous views of the submerged crater in the centre of the island as well as world-famous sunsets.

The first hotel is the two-star Sandy Villa. A family run hotel which is located 300 metres from the centre of town and 650 metres to the beach. It has it's own swimming pool and weekly barbeque night. Directline-holidays.co.uk are offering a week's stay here for £262 per person.

The Philoxenia Hotel is perfectly situated 200 metres from the beach, 150 metres to the local bars and 100 metres to the nearest restaurant. It is the ideal place for a peaceful holiday and at £336 per person per week from directline-holidays.co.uk it is a bargain.

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