Find a cheap airfare to the USA in September!

If you are planning on heading to the States once the summer has ended then you will no doubt be searching for a cheap airfare to the USA in September.  We can give you a helping hand by showing you where to find the best deals on the web.  All you have to do is decide which city you wish to visit.

Flights start from around €470 round-trip from Dublin to La Guardia and Newark airports in New York in September.  These flights are operated by US Airways and can be found on edreams.com for easy booking.  There are a couple of morning flights available each day, one of which goes to Newark and the other La Guardia and both airports offer easy access to New York City.

Flights from London Heathrow to JFK airport in New York are available for around €440 return.  This flight can be found on kayak.com who also have flights operated by KLM from London to Miami for around €460 round-trip if you feel like more sunshine.  Airfares to Chicago from London also cost around €460 return from London.

Flights to the west coast aren't expensive in September either so why not fly put in a couple of extra flying hours to sample a different side of America.  Return flights from Dublin to San Francisco are going for €550 on edreams.com while you can book a flight to Los Angeles for €544 from London on kayak.com and try to mingle with the stars.

With kayak.com and edreams.com you will always find bargains so remember that these are the best two sites to find a cheap airfare to the USA in September.

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