Charms of a Sharm el-Sheikh Holiday

Sharm el-Sheikh is situated in the Sinai Peninsula, bounded by the waters of the Red Sea and the Mediterannean. Once a small fishing community, it has developed into a prime holiday resort where loads of facilities and activities abound.

Start your Sharm el-Sheikh holiday by visiting Na’ama Beach. Go on a wacky banana boat ride with family or friends, or observe underwater creatures from a glass-bottom boat. Snorkelling, diving, and wind surfing are other popular activities.

The legendary Mount Sinai is famous not only for its religious and historical significance but also because it provides majestic views of the surrounding scenery. Climb to the mountain’s summit and gaze up at the peaks of Mount St. Catherine, the highest mountain in the Sinai Peninsula. Also in the summit are a mosque, a Greek Orthodox chapel where the original tablets of the Ten Commandments are supposedly kept, and “Moses’ cave,” where the celebrated prophet allegedly received God’s commandments.

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Ras Mohamed National Park lies on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, and offers attractions of interest to nature lovers, beach enthusiasts, divers, fun seekers, and even scholars! The nutrient-rich waters attract a wide variety of species to the nearby coral reefs, providing an awesome diving experience. Descend down the Shark Observatory, an underwater cliff where sharks of all shapes and sizes abound.

The desert offers a drier, though equally impressive diversity of flora and fauna, and is home to the camel, the Dorcas gazelle (the smallest gazelle in the world), and the Nubian Ibex (a wild goat). There are over 30 bird species, and felines such as the Egyptian wild cat, sand fox, and leopard wander the desert.

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