Best Chapflight Manila Ph ilipines

The Philippine capital of Manila is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, offering a rich history to visitors. Manila has it all, from rice paddies to imposing buildings to small villages. Besides being such a beautiful city it offers adventure, culture and of course good eating. A trip to this part of the world will not disappoint, and a cheap flight to Manila will leave you with some extra spending money to make the most of what the city has to offer.

Why Manila?

There are many reasons to hop on a chapflight to Manila Ph. The city dates back to the days of the Spanish colonization, and boasts the oldest church in the Philippines, San Agustin. One of the interesting aspects of Manila is that it is actually a collection of little cities. Heavily damaged during the Second World War, the walled Intramuros area is considered to be the original city centre. In the district of Makati, tourists can spend their days eating, shopping and relaxing. It has beautiful sunsets giving you a natural light show, best seen at Rizal Park or Roxas Boulevard. Another reason to search for a chapflight to Manila Ph ilipines is the opportunity to visit fascinating buildings with colonial influences, such as the Malacañang Palace, Fort Santiago, the Basilicas of San Sebastian and the Black Nazarene, and the Cemetery of the Heroes.

Manila Peak Holiday Season

The Philippines has a tropical climate with two seasons: wet and dry. Peak holiday season in Manila is during the dry season, which goes from November to February. The weather during this season is cooler and the flight could be expensive but with a bit of looking and a bit of luck you can find cheaper ones too. If you are willing to brave occasional downpours, it is easier to find cheap flights to Manila if you book your trip for the off-peak season.

Finding Cheap Flights to Manila

A good way to search for a chapflight to Manila is using a website which compares many operators to find the best fares, such as travelsupermarket.com, or skyscanner.net. If you are flexible with your departure dates, you may be able to get a great late deal through a travel website such as lastminute.com. Booking your holiday for early or late peak season (November or February) is also often cheaper. A number of international airlines fly to Manila, including: British Airways, KLM, Korean Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Southern Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Eva Airways, Finnair, Gulf Air, and Kuwait Airlines.

The Cheapest Flights to Manila – Off-Peak Season 2011

  • Saudi Arabian Airlines was cheapest, at 460 pounds
  • KLM: 500.26 pounds
  • Kuwait Airlines: 510.87 pounds
  • Royal Brunei: 535.29 pounds
  • Emirates 622.10 pounds

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