A Guide to Booking Channel Crossings

People who live in the UK will need to book channel crossings if they wish to holiday in another part of the UK or in Europe without booking a flight. Booking ferry channel crossings is often cheaper and more convenient than traveling by plane.

There are numerous companies that operate ferries from the UK to Europe. One of the most popular routes that travelers take is from the UK to France. Travelers who are on a budget should consider booking a ticket with Ferry-to-france.co.uk.  As at the 19th of August, 2011 a ticket from Dover to Calais cost £30 on this website.

Other ferry companies do tend to have higher rates. However the pricing is not so high that travelers should always take the cheaper option. For example a trip from Dover to France on a P&O boat costs £59 if travelers book through the website Eurodrive.co.uk. This pricing is valid as at the 19th of August 2011. Some travelers may be willing to pay the extra 19 pounds as the P&O liner is more luxurious. The service holidaymakers choose will largely depend on their budget.

Those who do not want to travel by ferry can cross the channel using the underground tunnel. A ticket for one car and up to nine passengers costs €22 on the website Eurotunnel.com. This fare is for a day trip or overnight stay.  Those who are staying in Europe longer will need to book anotherticket. The price will vary depending on the length of the trip.



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