Challenging Cruises in chilly waters.

Not for the fainthearted, landlubbers or those without a healthy bank balance, German operator Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is offering a breathtaking Northwest Passage cruise this August. A far cry from the traditional idea of sunbathing on deck while gliding around the Caribbean, the famed Northwest Passage sails over the most northern coast of North America to where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet, in waters that teeter at times on the treacherous.

Previously only available to travellers who have a month to spare, Hapag Lloyd has now come up with its first ‘short’ 19-day Northwest Passage trip, made possible by global warming and the retreat of the Arctic ice pack, reports BBC Travel. The passage has now become more easily navigable and for longer periods of the year. Sail to the ice coast of Greenland and the remote islands of northern Canada on the 184-passenger luxury expedition ship, The Hanseatic.

Hapag Lloyd offers a selection of adventure voyages to the world's more remote regions, on small bilingual cruise ships and gives you the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers. Unfortunately rates don’t come cheap, with this cruise starting at 17,890 euros per person based on double occupancy. It will, however, prove a unique experience and accommodation is top notch, with commentaries and lectures in English. It’s your chance for a once is a lifetime experience!

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