Booking and Understanding Chalet Holidays in Scotland

The first thing that people who want to book chalet holidays in Scotland will need to do is understand what a chalet is and how they work. Essentially a chalet is a home in the mountains that is made of wood. These homes tend to resemble log cabins. Travelers book a night a chalet as an individual, couple or family. Families tend to stay in one chalet together while smaller groups generally share the chalet with other travelers. Every chalet has a worker called a "chalet girl". These workers are expected to clean the chalet and prepare meals in exchange for a tip. Chalets can be small wooden houses or big luxury homes. While this type of accommodation is more common in France than in Scotland, it is available in this area. Those who want more information on chalets and chalet etiquette can find a useful guide to chalets on the website Misplacedperson.wordpress.com.

As there are not many chalets available to rent for chalet holidays in Scotland, it is difficult to find websites that list more than ten or so chalets for rent. The most comprehensive listing of both budget and luxury chalets is the website Scottishholidays.net. This website lists chalets that can be rented for as little as £17, per person, per night. Cheaper chalets are great for single travelers and couples as they are usually filled with younger people and lone travelers. Those who want something more than a simple cottage in the woods can expect to pay about £50 per person a night for a luxury lodge.

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