Searching for a different family holiday? Plan a Centre Parcs type holidays

Center Parcs type holidays offer you and your family the chance to experience a home-grown break away with a difference.

These breaks are designed to give you the opportunity to see the beautiful British countryside as never before, offer the kids endless moments of adventurous playtime and you some well-deserved relaxation in a serene setting.

The holiday company operates four village-style sites in the UK,each one covering 400 acres of woodland, complete with lakes and streams. A fifth is due to open in 2013. Convenience is key with the Center Parcs holiday- all you need is in one location, it's a veritable 'one stop holiday shop'!

If you want to get away from the daily grind and stress of an urban lifestyle, a Center Parcs type holiday could be just what you're looking for - be it for along weekend breaks or family holidays.The kids will have a field day, with a multitude of activities on offer, no matter where their interest lies. In fact there are over 100 indoor and outdoor activities available, including a subtropical swimming paradise!  Lots of activities also allow you and your family to bond over mutual activities such as fencing, archery and white water rafting, if you dare!

Relaxation is also very much on the cards with a Centre Parcs type holidays - there are award-winning spas, whirlpools and even painting classes on hand to help you make the most of your time away in the peaceful rural setting.  Why not lose yourself on a nature trail?

When the family has worn themselves out with physical activities,there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops to keep you entertained. Center Parcs easy-to-use website (www.centerparcs.co.uk) means checking availability and securing your booking couldn't be easier.

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