Take Time to Visit Centre Parcs

Enjoy family time in the great outdoors by visiting UK Centre Parcs. The UK offers four locations for nature lovers. A wide array of outdoor activities await you at Centre Parcs. Stroll through tranquil forests, play in lakes and streams, hike or have fun doing a variety of other recreational activities. Centre Parcs offer quality restaurants, shopping opportunties and cafes as well.

The Centre Parcs have plenty of fun for your kids too. They can join one of the many Children's Clubs where they can enoy a variety of activities like arts and crafts, cooking, soccer, learning about space exploration and more. There are even special activities geared toward preschoolers. The whole family can enjoy swimming, playing tennis and exploring the adventure playgrounds. Families who love to bowl can also spend time together in bowling alleys at the Parc.

If you decide to holiday at one of UK's Centre Parcs, there are several options from which to choose. Tourists who are only looking for a short holiday can choose a three-night stay during the weekend. Those who want a longer holiday can choose a seven-day holiday or a four-day holiday that falls during the middle of the week.

Tourists who need a bit of pampering will find what they seek at Centre Parc. The parcs have several spas that cater to people who need a relaxing time to meditate and recharge. Enjoy a soothing facial, a scalp massage or a Swedish massage. Afterwards, you can take a dip in the spa's pool.





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