We check out Center Parcs holidays

Thinking of doing something a little different for your next holiday? Why not hit up a "staycation" in one of the UK's most fun adventure parks, Centre Parcs. These fantastic holiday parks deliver a cheap and cheerful holiday experience and they are the perfect place to bring your family. In this blog, we check out what you can expect from a Center Parcs holiday.

Having taken over from Butlins as the largest provider of holiday centres in the UK, Centre Parcs have a huge location of extremely conveniently placed UK holiday parks. No matter where you are in the UK, there is likely to be a Centre Parcs holiday centre near you. To find out exactly where you can find your local one, check out http://www.centerparcs.co.uk/villages/index.jsp and have a gander at their helpful map.

Centre Parcs are a truly year round operation, with their parks open twelve months of the year. If you are looking to snag the best bargains on staying there, you have to be open to staying at off peak times though. If you are, you will be able to avail of weekly family rates of around £399 for a week, which represents outstanding value for a family of four, working out at less than £100 each for a week's lodging and activity. Centre Parcs also run some outstanding late deals, and you can check out their full slate of offers by visiting http://www.centerparcs.co.uk/late_holiday_deals.jsp.

It is an especially charming place to stay at Christmas, and you can book a week there for your family for just £289 per family. Bargain!

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