Celtic Link ferries from Ireland to France

Celtic ferries Ireland to France

Celtic Link Ferries only offer one crossing route, specifically between Rosslare and Cherbourg, and as such lack the convenience of some larger companies with multiple crossings. It's also a slow crossing, with Celtic Link ferries between Ireland and France taking roughly 18.5 hours to travel each way. However they do have certain advantages.

For one thing they are dedicated to low pricing, declaring themselves to be 'the real low fares ferry company,' and proudly proclaiming on their site that they offer people the absolute best priced way of travelling between Ireland and France.

While crossings are undeniably slow, Celtic Link have done all they can to make them enjoyable, equipping their ferries with cabins, bars, restaurants and play areas, ensuring that the journey feels like part of the holiday, rather than a necessary evil.

You can find them online at celticlinkferries.com, where you'll be able to book your trip, as well as checking out price comparisons with other companies, in which Celtic Link almost always come out on top, backing up their claims to be the cheapest. The site also features frequently asked questions and additional details about the company and its fleet. Should you need to contact them directly, they provide a contact form, as well as phone numbers.

They also offer freight carriage services, and while these cannot be booked online, the website contains details of pricing, conditions of carriage and phone numbers to book through.

Ultimately if you want ferry travel between Ireland and France you'd be hard pushed to do better than Celtic Link Ferries, both in terms of price and facilities.

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