Reviewing Celebrity Cruises

Over the years, Celebrity Cruises have won many awards, including the best premium cruise company in 2012 and in 2011. If you are planning a cruise you should check them out - they have a wide variety of cruise options available, so you're sure to find a cruise that you'll never forget!

People who have never been on a cruise before may worry about getting bored while at sea. It's one of the most common gripes you hear about cruising. But you certainly won’t experience this with Celebrity Cruises: they have a lot to offer for a range of tastes and age groups.

If you want to learn something new, just sign up for some lessons! You can learn how to dance, you can take art classes, learn new languages and more. If you want to unwind, you can go to yoga classes or spend the day getting pampered at the spa.

If all the delicious food is taking its toll on your waistline, you can go to body sculpt boot camp, go for some Zumba or just spend some time at the gym. If you enjoy a flutter now and then, their casinos offer many games that you'll know and love, and many also have single deck blackjack.

Celebrity offer short cruises (from around 3-4 days) to long cruises (over 18 days). For ocean view rooms you can travel for as little as £277 for a four day cruise from Miami to Mexico and back to Miami - or you can spend as much as £5,598 for an ocean view room on a 13 day Galapagos Island and a Machu Picchu cruise tour.

Celebrity Cruises travel to the world’s greatest destinations and you get there in style. You won’t have time to get bored at sea and you can enjoy everything the ship has to offer - and that's a lot. Their dining, hospitality and activities are all world class - check out their website to find the latest deals and discounts.

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