Looking for Celebrity Cruises?

Celebrity Cruises has taken the world by storm, establishing itself as one of the world's leading luxury cruise operators in just over two decades. With nine ocean-going cruise ships, Celebrity Cruises offer an unparalled range of destinations and a level of service and comfort that is hard to match.

Celebrity Cruises currently feature 14 different cruise categories, including Alaskan cruises for brave and adventurous travellers, or Caribbean cruises for those seeking some fun and sun.

The Eastern Mediterranean cruise is an old favourite, and highlights include a day in the Greek island of Santorini, the Roman remains of Ephesus in Turkey, as well as the historic cities of Athens and Naples. This cruise is offered on a regular basis so is great for those with limited schedules. 10 nights on this cruise, starting and ending in Rome, start from £769, though shorter cruises are even cheaper.

For something a little different, the 12 night Scandinavia and Russia cruise gives passengers a taste of picturesque cities such as Amsterdam, Helsinki, St Petersburg and Stockholm, amongst others. This cruise takes place on the ship Celebrity Constellation and starts from £1319 per person, though ocean view berths are available for the reasonable price of £1684.

Celebrity's marquee cruise is perhaps the exclusive Galapagos tour. Celebrity are the only major cruise line on the planet with access to this undisturbed and protected range of islands, first made famous by Charles Darwin's pioneering study of the island eco-system. Guests get to see iguanas, cormorants and tortoises up close, as well as the stunning topography and ocean views that the Galapagos affords. Prices for this once in a lifetime offer start from £1859 per person on the cruise ship Xpedition.

Celebrity Cruises are a growing firm with a burgeoning reputation, and as such are constantly adding to their array of cruise destinations. So keep an eye on their upcoming brochures, and in particular the arrival of new, bigger and better ships in 2012.

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