Celebrity cruises deals UK

Those of you who would prefer not to worry about planning all the details into your holiday should look into Celebrity Cruises. Currently they have a few deals that would make for an unforgettable adventure so let's take a sneak peak at some of their better value offers.

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From Southampton you can enjoy a relaxing 12 day trip around Spain and the Canary Islands. Leaving from the UK, this cruise stops off in Vigo, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the mouthwatering food on offer. Next you visit Las Palmas and Tenerife in Gran Canaria before stopping off at the island of Funchal in Portugal where you can explore the pre-Ice Age forests. La Coruna, Spain is the last stop before heading back to Southampton on day 12. This cruise will set you back £885 per person in October for an interior room.

If you have always wanted to spend time in Scandinavia this the perfect cruise for you. Starting from Stockholm where you can explore museums, palaces and other hidden gems you set sail for the architecturally rich city of Helsinki, Finland. From there you move on to St. Petersburg, Muuga in Estonia and Warnemunde in Germany before spending 2 days in Copenhagen and finishing in Amsterdam. An interior room for this trip in May costs £1,121 per person.

The Norwegian Fjords Cruise might a better fit if you need to visit less cities. From Southampton, the cruise heads to Bergen, Norway where visitors are greeted by Haakon’s famous Hall Fortress. Explore the world’s longest and deepest fjord in Flam and try your hand at kayaking in Geiranger. If you are looking for something more relaxing, you will enjoy the cozy fishing port of Alesund and the Domkirke in Stavanger. The 9 days will fly by and you will be back in England before you know it. It costs only £848 per person for an interior room.

The Italy and Greek Isles Cruise is another great option with a 13 night trip that starts in September costing £829 per person. You begin in Istanbul where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the grand bazaar before moving on to Kusadasi where The Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World resides. Meander through Mykono in Greece and see first hand the beauty and rich history of Athens. Then it is onto one of UNESCO’S finest treasures - Dubrovnik before taking in Rome, Florence, Pisa, Provence and finally, Barcelona on day 14.

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