Cathay Pacific Fanfares

If you are planning to book fares around in Asia in the coming months then you really need to keep tabs on the fantastic Cathay Pacific fanfares. These fanfares offer the chance to nab some rock bottom prices for return flights originating in Hong Kong. We'll take you through how to work in these cheap flights into your itinerary.

Work in a Cheap Fanfare into your Itinerary

Cathay Pacific fanfares are available only on journeys beginning and ending in Hong Kong. So if China is one of your planned destinations then when you are ready to move on to another country then make sure you plan to leave from Hong Kong.

You can pick up return flights for as little as £40 to destinations within China such as Xiamen and Kunming. Fly further abroad to destinations like Hanoi in Vietnam and Sanya in Japan for around £60 return. These deals are so cheap that you could easily skip the return leg of the flight and still get great value on the outbound flight for the prices available.

Some amazingly surprising destinations pop up in these fanfares so it is best to keep checking for suitable flights but all Cathay Pacific routes are fair game. This could work out well for getting back home to Europe too as one example fanfare from Hong Kong to Milan cost just £230. And if you are heading further abroad to Australia then another great value fanfare from Hong Kong to Sydney cost just £240 return.

Cathay Pacific allocate a limited number of seats for each of these fanfares on certain routes and the seats are available at the special price for a limited time. Each and every Tuesday a fresh batch of fanfares are released. They are available from 8am Hong Kong time and midnight Mondays in the UK.

Register for Automatic Notifications

A great way to keep tabs on the latest Cathay Pacific fanfares is to register your email address with CXpecials, Cathay Pacific's official e-newsletter. You will then get fanfares to your phone along with other Cathay Pacific related information. These deals are unique in the Asian market as flying there is much more expensive than in Europe so make sure to take advantage of them.

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