Cat Hotel for Pampered Pets Opens in West Yorkshire

A cat’s life is pretty good. They sit on the back of sofas or on windowsills waiting to be fed or pampered but when they’re owners decided to leave for a holiday most are put into catteries. Imagine going from a life of freedom and relaxation to a prison for a fortnight and you’ll understand why moggies across the nation prefer their own homes.

Cat lover Jo Ounsley has come to the rescue of unhappy cats everywhere by creating a cat hotel. She says, “It’s the perfect place for a cat to come, although some people might think it’s a little bit extravagant. We just want them to be constantly entertained and stimulated, and that really leads to a happy cat.”

According to Jo Ounsley, a happy cat is a pampered one who gets massages and a la carte food. Luxury Cat Hotel has TV screens which show virtual fish tanks and at the end of a hard day’s pampering, they get to rest their weary paws on a four-poster bed.

The hotel is located in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and contains 11 themed rooms, each of which cost at least £15 a night. The largest room is the Woodland Wing which comes in at £40 a night. This room offers your feline friend a virtual log fire to relax in front of while he is massaged and read stories to. After being read literature like Puss in Boots or The Cat in the Hat, your kitty will nod off to sleep.

Owners can keep track of their pet’s progress at the cattery thanks to a constant stream of Emails and the occasional post card from the hotel. The place is run by Ms Ounsley and her 12-year old daughter, both massive cat lovers and experts in their field. “It’s for people who just want the confidence in knowing that when they go away on holiday, their pet will have a better break than they will,” Ms Ounsley said. “They will be pampered, enjoy coming and probably not want to go home.”

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