What kind of deals are on offer from Cassidy Travel?

Are you living in Ireland and wondering which holiday company will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of getting a great holiday deal? Cassidy Travel are one of the largest tour operators in the country, providing brilliant holiday deals to thousands of holidaymakers each and every year. In this blog, we check out what they can offer you as you seek out a holiday bargain.

As an Irish holidaymaker, you simply don't have the choice that your friends in England enjoy when it comes to picking up a holiday deal. The market in Ireland can only really support a small number of companies, but Cassidy Travel at http://www.cassidytravel.ie/ are still offering some outstanding bargains despite the lack of competition.

Cassidy specialise in a huge number of different holidays, and it is the care they put into planning your jaunt abroad that has seen them become such a huge name. They offer brilliant deals on Package Holidays, Flight only deals, Hotel only deals, Car Hire and even Cruises. They also do a mean line on Lapland Holidays at Christmas, so they are well worth checking out.

When it comes to Sunshine breaks, Cassidy offer some of the most outstanding prices we have come across on the Irish market. They offer Gran Canaria for a week for just €236, Lanzarote for just €236 and Tenerife for just €300. They also offer some outstanding air fares to the United States, with New York return fares available for just €417.

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