Carp Fishing in France: A Leisurely Holiday

Carp fishing in France

If you want a refreshing change for your next holiday, consider carp fishing in France. This type of holiday is sure to represent a nice change in your usual pace in life. And who knows? You might find yourself a better angler than you think!


Booking your fishing holiday in France has never been as easy when you visit Angling Lines. They have ready-made holidays for you to choose from. You just have to indicate if you are looking for carp lakes suitable for motor homes, family holidays, the physically challenged or for families.

They even have options available for those who want to enjoy fishing for carps and catfish. An example of this would be Alder Lake, where you have to pay £197 per person per week. This rate is based on a five-member group and includes minibus crossing. You will also enjoy an exclusive use of the lake, comfortable accommodations and use of modern shower facilities. You can also order a meal package that costs £99 per person and includes breakfast, a lunchtime sandwich and a two-course dinner. Additionally, 50% discount is offered for off-peak bookings.


Cretelakes is also another company that promises the best sites for carp fishing in France. This 130-acre site boasts of five beautiful man-made lakes stocked with carps and other types of course fish. All-inclusive day trips, which include coach transportation and fully catered meals, can cost as low as £495 for anglers and £195 for non-anglers. These will depend mostly, however, on your travel dates. Modern shower and toilet facilities, and a restaurant are available on site.

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