Carnival Cruises: ‘fun for all and all for fun’.

Cruises need no longer be sedate affairs for the rich fifty-somethings, involving dressing for dinner at the Captain’s table. Carnival Cruises, an American company which built its success in the Caribbean, made its UK debut in the summer of 2008 with a 12-night cruise from Dover to the Baltic, reports the Telegraph . A far cry from the Olsen cruises, the name of the cruise line says it all. The company calls its vessels ‘Fun Ships’ and its motto is ‘Fun for all and All for fun’.

The vessels’ decor, designed by Joe Farcus, teeters on the edge of kitsch, with black-and-white zebra-look leather sofas, red chairs and carpets, and pink circles and swirls which leave you reaching for your dark glasses. But attention to detail is impressive and the food is good, with a variety of options from traditional to wok-cooked food. It’s a youngish person’s ship but also offers good facilities for children and teens with a water slide to keep everyone happy while adults make use of the spa with sea-view sauna and steam room.

So if you’re into bold and brassy and something outlandish why not book now for one of their European 2011 cruises? Check www.carnivalcruise.co.uk/FindCruise.aspx or call 0845 351 0556. Prices for a 7 or 9 day round trip cruise from Barcelona, calling at Monaco, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples and Messina , start from £553. Bon Voyage!

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