Caribbean Holidays to enjoy with Kids

Every once in awhile it is great to take the family off on a warm holiday, and what better place than the Caribbean. With so many islands to choose from it can be hard to know which one is right for your family. Here are a few that might peak your interest and have something that everyone in the family will enjoy.



Barbados in the west coast has many local places for families to stay that will fit most budgets. Water lovers can enjoy the numerous watersports to choose from and even go on a submarine trip. For those that like to stay on dry land, luckily for you there is also the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and Farley Hill National Park that are great to wander through.


Saint Lucia

The sandy beaches of Saint Lucia are perfect to relax on and the water is just inviting you in to go snorkeling. If you want more adventure, visit the “drive-in” volcano or wander through the nature trail in the nearby rainforest. Maybe the kids want to try horseback riding or zip lining, this area offers both.



Jamaica has a plethora of kid friendly resorts that won’t bust the bank. Often resorts offer all inclusive packages which can make holidays much easier for parents. The Ochos Rios area is home to Dunn’s River Falls and small lagoons which are great for the children to visit.


Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos offer plenty of islands to choose from. Grace Bay Beach in Provo has golden sand which stretches for 12 miles. Some of the resorts in the area offer baby sitting and plenty of activities for the children such as treasure hunts, boat rides and taking a trip to visit rock iguanas.


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