Where to look for great Caribbean cruises in 2014

If you’ve ever thought about visiting the Caribbean, what better way is there of seeing a selection of the islands than on a cruise? The Caribbean cruises on offer for 2014 have a familiar look to them because most of these tour operators have been in the market for a long time, but with a cruise the destinations can remain the same year-on-year, while the entertainment on-board changes all the time.

Royal Caribbean International

Thanks to extensive TV adverts, Royal Caribbean International’s website will probably be one of the first you look at when planning Caribbean cruises for 2014. They really make an effort to stay ahead of their competitors by improving the entertainment you can expect. The AquaTheatre, a West-end style theatre production that’s packed with high-diving acrobatics is a feature on all boats, while theatre productions are different on each boat. This year you could be watching Chicago, Hairspray or singing along to Mamma Mia.

P&O cruises

PO know that a Caribbean cruise is the trip of a lifetime so they aim to make it special. Most of their trips offer 5 port stops, so you’ll see places like St. Maarten, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Grenada and Barbados. On-board a Marco Pierre White Italian restaurant awaits, and for entertainment there are cinemas and theatres on-board all ships in the fleet.

Virgin holidays

You could use a tour operator like Virgin holidays rather than going direct to a cruise liner. This could give you a wider choice and it could help lower the cost of your dream trip. Richard Branson’s firm has a dedicated website for cruises where you can find further information.

Final word

A cruise is a trip of a lifetime so this isn't the sort of holiday you should take if you're on a tight budget. Even if you can afford the basic price of Caribbean cruises in 2014, you might be compromising too much if you can only afford a small cabin.

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