Top options for a Caribbean cruise holidays

Cruises are a fantastic holiday option. Here we answer some typical questions about Caribbean cruise holidays...

What destinations are available?

The region holds a long-standing tradition of welcoming holidaymakers, so cruises target many locations throughout the Caribbean, and as far as the Bahamas and Bermuda.

What onboard facilities can I expect?

Cruise ships are like floating hotels. Room service is available at any time. Warm, full meals are available at breakfast and multi-course dinners in main dining areas. All the ships are well-appointed with cafes and bars, perfect for snacks or less formal meals. Speciality restaurants offer amazing food in a restaurant atmosphere.

What activities can I expect?

Where do we start?! The possibilities are practically endless. Once your cruise ship has docked, you can travel further afield and enjoy climbing around Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls. Or a spot of mountain biking in Costa Rican rainforests? How about snorkelling with stingrays, or diving 245 metres in a research submarine? The Caribbean is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, fantastic cuisine and vibrant nightlife, but how about becoming acquainted with its hidden delights of ancient Mayan pyramids on the Mexican island of Cozumel?

Festive sailings

It is a delight to explore the Caribbean at certain times of the year, and most cruise organisers offer festive sailings. Christmas excursions are great fun for all the family, with parades, festive music, and ice skating on some vessels. There are New Year’s party options, as well as special outings for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving.


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