How to choose the best ship for your Caribbean cruise holiday

Today cruise liners like to target a segment of the market rather than market to everyone, so if you want gourmet food you should try Celebrity Cruises, if you want nightlife attractions, then Carnival Cruises could be the right operator for you, and a romantic Caribbean cruise holiday should be taken with Princess. That’s all well and good, but what else should you consider before committing to a cruise liner?

The fleet

If you choose a liner for your Caribbean cruise holiday by reputation, you may not find all of the amenities mentioned in the company's adverts when you step on board. For example, Royal Caribbean advertises the recreational activities available on board, such as water parks and miniature golf course, but you won’t find these facilities on some of the older boats in their fleet.

Your choice of cabin

There are three things to consider when thinking about the type of cabin you would like to stay in. If you get seasick, you should choose an inside room as close to the centre of the ship as possible. If you want a peaceful cabin, then an outside room with a porthole would be best. If you would like a private outside space to relax in, then a cabin with a balcony would offer some valuable outside space.

Getting the best price

The price is always a consideration. Your cabin, the season, and the length of your trip alter the cost of your cruise, so you should balance each element when planning your holiday. Paying your deposit early will secure you a good cabin, but it may not lead to the lowest price because prices fall as the departure date draws close.

The verdict

A Caribbean cruise holiday can be the trip of a lifetime, so try and make sure that it doesn’t take another lifetime to pay it off. There are lots of great websites that offer holiday deals and other sites where you can compare the offers, so doing your homework will save you a lot of money. Doing your homework on the type of boats available will also make the cruise more enjoyable. After all, the ship will be your home away from home for a few weeks.

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