Enjoy an Aegean escape with direct Cardiff Wales (CWL) to Kos flights

Escape those rain clouds coming in across the Bristol Channel, and soak up the sun while the Aegean laps at your toes. You don't even have to head for a London airport. Direct Cardiff Wales (CWL) to Kos flights make it easy.

Thomson (www.thomsonfly.com) offers a scheduled service to Kos from Cardiff. Prices fluctuate considerably according to when you want to fly, so it can pay to book well in advance. We found May flights available for £228.98, which still works out as competitive when compared to flights from London, if you factor in the expense of getting from Cardiff to London.

One downside of the Thomson flights is the timing. They depart from Cardiff at 8.55 in the evening and arrive in Kos at 2.50am. Even more daunting is the time of the return journey, leaving Kos at 3.50am. This is not uncommon for flights to Aegean resorts, but might be an important consideration if you are travelling with very young children.

Kos, if you avoid Kardamena in the south, is not as loud and brash as some Greek resorts, offering understated charm in some parts of the island. Take the 20-minute bus ride around the cape of Agios Focas to the hot springs at Bros Therma. Tourists queue to bathe in a rock-encircled pool of spring water at body temperature, although the clear cool Aegean looks rather more appealing.

On the north-coast (which you can reach by bus from Kos Town if you aren't staying nearby), the sun is tempered a little by cooling breezes and the resorts of Tingaki and Marmari offer broad beaches and plenty of cafes and restaurants.

With the relaxing beaches and excellent seafood and octopus to enjoy, at least it shouldn't take you too long to recover from the Cardiff Wales (CWL) to Kos flights.

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