Cardiff to Amsterdam: Find Cheap Flights Online

Cardiff to Amsterdam cheap flights

The Net is a wonderful resource, and the same can be said if you're looking for tickets from Cardiff to Amsterdam, because cheap flights are now easier to find and book online than ever before. There are a number of sites that compare prices for you, so let's look at results from two of them?

Cheapflights.co.uk was used to search for flights from Cardiff to Amsterdam and generated 3 cheap flights for consideration. The cheapest flight listed was £99.00 for a return flight, departing between the 17th and 27th of November, with Royal Dutch Airlines. Clicking on the icon will take you directly to the KLM site, so you're able to book your flight online. The second cheapest flight was through Opodo.co.uk and also used Royal Dutch Airlines. The flight to Amsterdam departs on the 19th of October and the return flight departs on the 2nd of November. Tickets for this journey are priced at £167.00 per person.

The next site used to generate cheap flights was skyscanner.net and the cheapest ticket found here sells for £106.00 per person. Departure is on the 25th of October at 09:05 and the return flight departs from Amsterdam at 08:05. The site also shows you other sites you can use to book these particular flights and how much you can expect to pay. The highest prices on flights the site found was for around £224.00 per person, so it's easy to see how browsing around could save you real money.

Alternatively you could always visit the airline's site directly and search for Cardiff to Amsterdam cheap flights yourself. Going directly to the source may get you even bigger bargains.

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