We find the best place to rent caravans in France for holidays

If you're the type who likes to take to the road for your holiday in order to see and do things at your leisure, without relying on public transport schedules or spending big money on taxis whenever you need to go anywhere, we appreciate just how important it can be to use the right rental company aboard. Not only that, but we also understand just how tough it can be to find companies abroad who can offer you exactly what you need with minimum complications.

For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at the innovative www.directholidayhomes.co.uk website. This site takes a slightly different spin on the tried and tested approach of booking your caravan from travel agents, and instead allows you to get in touch with the owners of the caravans and holiday homes themselves, by passing the middleman and ensuring that you can make and maintain direct contact with the owner for as long as you need to.

This approach means that you'll be able to save money on rental charges, while also being able to sort out any problems or concerns that you may have without needing a third party to act as a go between. With a dedicated section of the site purely for rentals of caravans in France for holidays, you'll be spoiled for choice with Direct Holiday Homes.

You'll be able to choose the rough area you are interested in renting from, which will then lead you to a list of caravans and mobile homes on offer. To give you an example of price, you can rent a 2 bedroom mobile home at Le Pouldu, Brittany starting from just £120 for a week in October. Obviously the price will increase in peak season, but you're still only looking at a maximum of £450 per week for a caravan capable of sleeping six people comfortably, which represents excellent savings on traditional methods.

If you would prefer something in the South of France, such as La Brague in Antibes, prices start as low as £180 between Monday 19th September and Friday 30th September with peak rates costing as much as £400 per weeb between July 19th and August 20th. A stay in Les Sables du Midi will cost as little as £300 from Saturday 2nd June to Saturday 9th June, with prices increasing to as high as £600 for Saturday 13th August to Saturday 20th August.

For more great rates and information on excellent caravan holidays in France, check out www.directholidayhomes.co.uk today.

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