We check out where to get the best deal on caravans in Brighton

Looking to take a cut price trip to Brighton and wondering how to do it? Have you considered the possibilities offered by a caravan holiday? Brighton is teeming with excellent caravan holiday parks for you to park up in, so in this blog we are going to show you how to get holidays involving caravans in Brighton. So lets check them out!

A caravan holiday allows you to get back to nature for an extremely reasonable price. They are the perfect fare for the hardy among us. A fantastic first site for you to check out to find the best caravan sites in Brighton is the Caravan Club at www.caravanclub.co.uk. The Caravan Club is the home of Brighton's biggest Caravan site, located at East Brighton Park among the leafy surrounds and lush vegitation. It is a picturesque place to set up shop as it is close to the ocean, and their prices are extremely reasonable, with a pitch costing you just £10 per night at peak season.

If you are looking for another site to roll up to, then why not check out what is on offer from Morocco Unexplored at www.moroccounexplored.com. This Caravan site can be located on the Kings Road Arches and it is centered on a huge open space, giving you plenty of possibilities for where you want to bed down for the night. Rates are extremely reasonable, leaving you more spending money for your holiday in Brighton. It is more centrally located than the Caravan Club, meaning the city centre of Brighton is just a short walk away. It is well worth a look.

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