Caravans for Hire for Caravan Holidays

Caravan holidays are great for families and most campsites have facilities for children. The best season to go on a caravan holiday is during the summer, so you’re adventures cannot be stopped by the cold. You should also plan you’re vacation early and get a caravan for hire in advance.

There are many campsites throughout the UK. You can choose your campsite by region e.g. East, North, South England. If you’re into mountain hiking, you can go to Woodland Caravan Park in Ashbourne or The Royal Oak in Hurdlow. If you plan to go on fishing, the Quantock Orchard in Taunton and Sandymouth Holiday Park have fishing areas nearby. Beachside Holiday Park in Ilfracombe and Trevella Park in Newquay have nearby golf sites as additional feature.

There are many companies that offer caravans for hire over the Internet, such as Ukcaravansforhire.com and Caravans-for-hire.co.uk. You can also inquire directly from the campsite you’re interested in to see what caravans they have available. You can also join clubs like The Camping and Caravanning Club UK to get member discounts, site reviews and updates, and other member privileges. In choosing a caravan, you can opt for 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms, or an ordinary or luxury model. Rental rates can range from £125 and above depending on the number of bedrooms and location.

Gears that you should bring for camping include sleeping bag, clothing that is suited to the weather, boots and jackets in case of rain. You can also bring pets but not all caravan sites allow it so go to one that does.

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