Looking forward to caravan weekend breaks...

Caravan weekend breaks... is there anything more British? You are always guaranteed an interesting holiday when it comes to caravan weekend breaks so let's look at some of the best spots.

One of the sites that keeps coming up time and time again is the Carrog Station Camp Site. This is highly reviewed online so let's take a look at some of the features.

One of the reasons why this campsite is loved is thanks to it's location. There is everything you could want within walking distance of the site. From restaurants to bars, parks to golfing, Carrog has it all just minutes from the site.

On site they have electricity facilities, washing, water, a toilet block and they are dog friendly. No need to leave your dog at home, he can enjoy a well earned holiday too! The one thing you may have noticed is that they don't have many on site facilities especially by comparison with our next choice.

One more worth a look is the Presthaven Sands campsite. Again this is highly praised online and has lots to offer. On site you will find showers, toilets, a tv room, a games room, electricity, water, a music room, a playground for the kids, a restaurant and a bar!

This is a seriously loaded holiday site but due to this it can often be overcrowded. Check them out and see which you think suits you best, there are lots of great caravan sites in the UK but these are two of the best.

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