Finding great caravan sites in England

Caravan sites England

There are hundreds of caravan sites in England, and a big part of deciding which one to stay at is deciding what part of the country you want to visit, as such there seems little point in detailing specific caravan sites as they may not be in the area you want to stay. Instead, this article will point you to websites that take the hard work out of searching, and make it a lot quicker and easier.

One such site is caravanclub.co.uk, a website dedicated to helping you find a caravan site to suit your needs. It allows you to pick the region or county that you want to stay in as well as the dates of your stay, and then displays all the caravan sites in the region that have availability on those dates. For each site it displays pictures, tells you the AA star rating, lists all the facilities available, shows its location on a map and has lots of other general details about the site itself. It also allows you to book direct from the website, making it an even more convenient tool to use in your search. Additionally, for those new to caravan holidays it has a whole section on general help and advice for planning your trip and making the most of things once you get there, including a drivers checklist and tips on fighting theft.

Caravansitefinder.co.uk is a similar website, but with the additional advantage of allowing users to post reviews of caravan sites, so that you can see other people's first hand experiences of the place. This is vital as hands on experience can often differ dramatically from the impression given by websites, however when reading a user review it's always worth checking the date it was posted, as for example if it was posted several years ago a lot could have changed since then.

These sites should offer all the tools you need to filter great caravan sites out from all the average ones, as well as giving you the knowledge of exactly what a site will be like before you even arrive.

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