Caravan Sites Near London

Caravan sites give families an affordable alternative to staying at a hotel in the city. Here you will find other families, travellers and people of all kinds dwelling at these sites. You will have the opportunity to meet a variety of people, while enjoying family time and the outdoors. When choosing a caravan site, look for accommodations that offer a wide range of facilities during your stay. Here are a couple of choice caravan accommodation sites:
  • Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site:Crystal Palace Parade London Crystal PalaceSE19 1UF 020 8778 7155The Crystal Palace Caravan Club (caravanclub.co.uk) offers 126 pitches year-around. Of these 126, you will find 68 hardstanding pitches and tent pitches available. Your caravan cannot exceed 8.5 metres in length. The site's facilities feature a laundry area, recycling facilities, an on-site toilet block and waste point, late night arrival area, and wi-fi. Check-in for the day begins at 12:00. Reservations are required, though the Crystal Palace welcomes last minute travellers if space is available. Caravan pitches are approximately £13.10 per night.
  • Elms Caravan and Camping:Lippitts HillHigh BeachLoughtonIG10 4AW020 8502 5652Elms Caravan and Camping site welcomes adults and children of all ages. For your convenience, the caravan site offers a food shop and public toilet facilities. It has accommodation areas for caravans, mobile homes and tents. Caravan pitches are approximately £15.75 a night. Situated with easy access to the Epping Forest, this caravan site on the edge of London also offers cottages, cabins, mobile homes and tents for hire.

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