All About Caravan Parks in Tenby

There are several caravan parks in Tenby offering affordable and comfortable holidays for any traveller. Caravan sites offer an affordable substitute to paying for a pricey hotel. Tenby, a quaint medieval town in South West Wales, lies on Carmarthen Bay. The word Tenby actually means 'Little fortress of fish'. This is no surprise when you first see Tenby Harbour and old town.

What to do?

The walled town of Tenby offers a 2 kilometres of beaches on Carmarthen Bay, a museum with art galley and the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, which is part of the nation’s Coastal Nation Park. With a small population and beautiful offshore islands, Tenby is a must-see destination for explorers looking for a relaxing holiday.

Howell’s Castle is perched just outside Tenby and is only one of the magnificent sites to see. The New Hedges surrounding area boasts several castles and the Colby Woodland Gardens. For the dad who wants to slip away from the family itinerary, Tenby Golf club is only a few kilometres away.

Where to stay?

With tons of caravan parks with a variety of amenities, Tenby will be a historical and relaxing venture. Kiln Park resort is just outside of Tenby and offers caravans just a stroll from the beach. Wood Park Tenby is located right in the middle of the action, offering one of the closest and most affordable caravan holidays in this historic district. With many choices in caravan parks in Tenby, and lots to do, you’re sure to have a great holiday.

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