Take a look at some of the best caravan parks in Hampshire

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If you are interested in staying in one of the many high quality caravan parks in Hampshire, here is some information to get you started. Hampshire is one of the most picturesque areas of southern England. A large part of the county’s beauty is down to the New Forest National Park and the famous White Downs. The county’s charming and soothing landscape make Hampshire an ideal location to spend a relaxing holiday during the summer. Whether you decide to travel there for a romantic weekend or for a family holiday with your children, there are many caravan parks in Hampshire to suit your individual need and taste.

One website you should certainly look at if thinking about caravanning in Hampshire is www.shorefield.co.uk. This family run business have been supplying an excellent caravan holiday experience for over 50 years. Shorefield holds ownership of 6 holiday parks in the Hampshire area.

To show an example of their prices: their luxury caravans, the Craneborne, which can sleep up to 6 people, costs as little as €475 throughout the month of June. However if this price is still a bit too steep for you, take a look at their more economically friendly Winborne caravan. The Winborne, which can sleep 4 people, costs a wallet saving €295 during the same period.

Also all Shorefields caravan parks can boast indoor pools with spa facilities, fully equipped gyms and fitness studios on site. Furthermore the company put great effort into supplying entertainment to suit all the family, be it the Cybil and Cyril Kids Club or the more adult orientated comedians, illusionists and singers.

Today caravans are far more comfortable and luxurious to what they were in the past. So why not take a cheap relaxing holiday that is close to home by staying in one of the many caravan parks in Hampshire.

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