Enjoyable caravan parks in Filey

With the economic climate still looking not so positive and a sense of uncertainty still hanging over us, many people are still considering staying at home in the UK for their holidays this year. With that in mind, we have done some research and strongly recommend an enjoyable stay in one of the many caravan parks in Filey, North Yorkshire.

Filey as a town is pretty small and is a traditional seaside town known for its fishing industry. Flat sand beaches make it ideal for families looking for that holiday experience. Filey is without all the hustle and bustle of the larger towns and even other seaside resorts which makes it unique. The town centre of Filey itself is just a short five minute walk from the sea front. The town itself is quiet and pretty with attractive buildings and plenty of welcoming bars, restaurants and cafes. You will also find lots of little gift shops and arts and crafts shops.

There are several ways of finding the right caravan park in Filey such as brochures, magazines and of course the internet. The internet is a very quick source of gaining knowledge on the caravan parks in Filey.

One such site we found extremely helpful was iknow-yorkshire.uk with such a wide range of holiday and caravan parks to choose from.

Haven Holidays Blue Dolphin Holiday Park is one of the many parks advertised on iknow-yorkshire.uk and is ideal for the family. Facilities and activities include indoor and outdoor waterparks, kids clubs, football coaching and facilities, crazy golf, a children's indoor fun palace and mini-ten pin bowling and much more. Also, with prices starting at a mere £110 per week it would be terrible to miss out.

So whats the wait? Avail of these great offers today! Give yourself that well deserved break at a click of a button. Caravaning is different, cheap and allows you to enjoy the great outdoors!


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