Caravan Park Holidays in the UK

Caravan park holidays are one of the most popular holiday types in the UK, even in spite of the extremely cheap flights which have been spoiling us for years. In spite of flights being as cheap as they are, no everyone wants to go through the stress and general unpleasantness of airports and flying. Staying within the UK and enjoying a beach-side caravan holiday is a reasonable alternative for many people.

Caravan park holidays can be very cheap, especially if you go with a decent-sized group of people. With 4-5 people, it can make a family holiday or a get-together with friends cheap and problem-free. If you have your own caravan to take with you, then you can enjoy the cheapest holiday of all!

Sites such as park-resorts.com, haven.com and hoseasons.co.uk are good places to start looking for caravan park holidays. Haven, for example, offers one week caravan holidays for around £700 per week for a very comfortable stationary caravan which sleeps up to six people.

Caravans these days have all of the modern ameneties that you would expect and they can be every bit as good as a small apartment, complete with proper kitchens, comfortable beds and proper bathrooms with showers.

There are caravan parks all over the country, but the companies mentioned above have the largest ranges. Caravan parks are also an ideal place to stay if you want to stay within walking distance from the beach. There are other parks which allow you to camp or park your own caravan or campervan for a modest fee.

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