Booking a Caravan Park Holiday

Are you tired of spending hours waiting in airports and being subjected to humiliating and draconian security checks? Or is it getting to expensive to pay for flights for the whole family? If so, you may want to consider a caravan park holiday in the UK. Not only will it be much cheaper in many cases, but it is also a completely stress-free break.

There are hundreds of great caravan park destinations around the UK, many of them set in areas of natural beauty or on some of the UK's best beaches. Accommodations standards vary considerably, but modern static caravans, also known as holiday homes, have all of the amenities that you would expect.

Haven.com provides accommodation in caravan parks all over the UK. All of the Haven parks have a wide range of facilities and accommodation options. Regular prices for a caravan which sleeps up to 6 people are around £700 for a week, but they often have last minute deals and other special deals starting from around £449 for a week.

Park-resorts.com is another holiday park company with some good value deals including school holiday deals from £369 per week. There are many other companies providing even cheaper accommodation if you take advantage of the special deals on offer. Remember, that many of these special offers are exclusive to the web, although you may also find some competitive deals down at your local travel agent.

Before you book your caravan park holiday, ensure that the resort has all of the facilities you want.

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