Caravan holidays in South Wales

The UK is full of amazing campsites but caravan holidays in South Wales are definitely one of the best on offer. There are so many great campsites around South Wales that we have picked a great one to make choosing that much easier.

When it comes to booking campsites the best way to do it is online. You can see exactly what they have on offer an make the full booking with ease. Check out the 'Wales Tourists Online' website and let's get you hooked up.

There are lots of great campsites and useful information on this website. Our favourites of the South Wales campsites has to be the Pitton Cross Caravan Camping Park.

The reason this is such a great option for camping is all the facilities on offer. It has disabled facilities, a pub and shop within walking distance, it is child and baby friendly and it is also pet friendly. There are also cleaning and water facilities on site so you have everything you need close by.

The last thing that makes this a great campsite is the price. Considering all the facilities and the fact that it is a 3 star facility, £9 to £31 is a pretty incredible price. You are only minutes on foot from the beach too so it's well worth a look.

Caravan holidays in South Wales can be an amazing experience. Check out all that is on offer over on the Wales Tourists Online website. We guarantee you will find something that you simple cannot pass up.

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