Best Options for Caravan Holidays at the Last Minute

When you plan on having a caravan holiday, it is always a good idea to check the latest or last minute deals from different tour operators and travel agents who offer these types of trips. This way, you can save money that you can later spend in your stay at the caravan. These caravan holidays at the last minute are generally offered through the Internet. Here you'll find some of the best options currently available.

Hoburne Nash – New Hampshire

There is a last minute deal available for renting a holiday caravan at Hoburne Nash in New Hampshire for the first week of July. The price for this rental is £225. This caravan, which has space for four people, is located in the middle of the countryside, so you will enjoy beautiful landscapes full of greenery and clear skies. Besides, the beach is just a few steps away, so you will be able to go whenever you want. Rental caravans come fully equipped, including TV, kitchen, and laundry facilities, among other amenities.

Craig Tara Holiday Park – Scotland

Craig Tara Holiday Park is located in the coastline of Alisa Brae. There is one last minute deal for renting a caravan within this park for £525. You will enjoy a 7 night stay during the first week of July. The caravan features stunning sea views, and is equipped with such amenities as refrigerator, microwave oven, Led TV, DVD Player, among others. Within the park, you will find several restaurants, bars, and live entertainment.

Pendine Sands Holiday Park – Wales Pendine

Sands is a four stars holiday park located in the South of Wales and it is just 7 miles away from the beach. Late deals for renting a caravan within this park offer a three night stay for £125 starting July 1st. This caravan features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, apart from an intimate living room and a kitchen which is fully equipped. You will be able to use the park facilities such as the pool, kart circuits, laundry facilities, and other amenities.

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