Superb caravan holidays in Sheringham, North Norfolk Coast

Need a break away? We all know that the economy is not what it used to be, so many Brits have opted to holiday in the UK in recent times. With that in mind, we strongly recommend caravan holidays in Sheringham, Norfolk as an ideal destination for you.

Sheringham itself is only 110 years old and has has blended old with new quite successfully. The town, which some say is the jewel of the Norfolk coast was a fishing village and today is renowned for its delicious crab and lobster.

Sheringham is a busy town with a good variety of family run shops and a very popular market. It also has an eighteen-hole golf course and a leisure centre.

You can really let your hair down in Sheringham with a busy nightlife in one of the several pubs and nightclubs. If you're into a more tranquil time you could pop into the museums, restaurants, gift shops or have a relaxing stroll on the beautiful coastline.

There are several ways to find the right caravan holidays in Sheringham such as brochures, magazines and of course, the internet.

One website we found very helpful was totaltravel.yahoo.com. There we found Woodlands Caravan Park which is situated in a wooded site in the most historic and beautiful conservation area of Sheringham. The woods adjoining the caravan park belong to the National Trust, as does Sheringham Hall and Park. The park has a well-equipped gym and splendid indoor swiming pool. Prices vary due to peak and off peak times but with prices averaging £190 per week it really is a great deal.

So whats the wait? You're only a few clicks away from giving yourself that well deserved break.


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